PopAGraph is a powerful photo editor that will transform your photos into 3D art with minimal effort (no photoshop experience required!).

It's the perfect app to transform your selfies or create a stylish meme for Instagram Stories, Tiktok, Facebook, Line, Twitter.

Creating is easy! Once your subject is masked, apply filters to the background (or to the subject) to create a dramatic contrast that will make your photo “POP”.

Download Popagraph from the App Store

PopAGraph lets you add frames or borders over the subject to create a 3D effect, or add multiple frames to create a freeform unique collage layout. If you desire, you can even erase the background and make it transparent!

Include a caption or create perspective text (yes, you can tilt the text to create a cool effect).

Save your project as a Live Photo to share to your wallpaper or as a high resolution GIF video.

Watch HOW TO videos → Create with PopAGraph